Mfr. of Thermostats, Fire Detectors, heating Elements, Thermocouples, RTD Sensors, PT-100 & Spare Parts for Strip / Blister Pack Machines



  • Strip Packing Machines

  • Hydraulic Laminating presses

  • Label Adhesive applicators

  • Deep fat cookers

  • Vending machines

  • Milk Pasteurizes

  • Overheat Detectors

  • Plastics Moulding

  • Vulcanizing Equipments

  • Culture Chambers

  • Packaging Equipments

  • Canning Equipments

  • Livestock Watering Fountains

  • Textile Platens

  • Paint Drying Equipments

  • Baking ovens

  • Fire Alarms

  • Baby Incubators




These SR Thermostats are strut and tube type thermostats comprised of two basic parts (1) the outer shell made of high expanding metal and (2) the strut assembly made of low expanding metal.

A pair of electrical contacts is mounted on the strut assembly and installed in the shell under tension or compression. Because each end of the strut assembly is mechanically connected to the ends of the shell, a net change in force is produced on the low-expansion strut assembly as the high expanding shell expands or contracts with changing temperature. The termperature at which the contacts “make” or “break” can be regulated. The accuracy is considerably better than that obtainable from other types of Thermostat, such as the snapacting type. Low load switching differentials of less than 0.1 degree C are achieved.



The adaptation of the differential expansion principle gives several important control advantages

  • Withstand large temperature changes without damage

  • Resistance to vibration

  • Short reaction times

  • Simple and full adjustability over range

  • High Sensitivity

  • Inherent temperature anticipation

  • Wide operating range

  • Direct response to radiant heat

  • High switching capacity

  • Accessibility of adjusting sleeve and lead wires.

  • Ease of installation

  • Choice of mountings